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for a brilliant, beautiful and safer world

We have created a new type of effect pigment called RheoLight™ Crystal Glass Pigments (CGP). These pigments refract light differently than any other effect pigments on the market.

Like diamonds, RheoLight CGP refract light with ever-changing reflections in brilliant colours, accentuating elegance. RheoLight adds this optical elegance to any pearlescent or metallic composition. Next to the new visual beauty factor, RheoLight increases visibility in the dark, ensuring a safer traffic environment. 

RheoLight mono-concentrates are easy to formulate with many different polymers, like polyolefins, thermoplastic elastomers, and engineering polymers.

RheoLight™ Unique benefits

  • Revolutionize your design and color processes with RheoLight 
  • Create never-before-seen light effects with our crystals glass pigments 
  • Make your products stand out with unique and vibrant colors 
  • Improve traffic safety with our innovative Crystal Glass Mono Concentrates

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