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for a brilliant, beautiful world

We have created a new type of effect pigment called RheoLight™ Crystal Glass Pigments. These pigments refract light differently than any other effect pigments on the market.

Like diamonds, RheoLight refracts light with ever-changing reflections in brilliant colors, accentuating elegance. RheoLight adds this optical elegance to any pearlescent or metallic composition. Next to the new visual beauty factor, 

RheoLight mono-concentrates are easy to formulate with many different polymers, like polyolefins, thermoplastic elastomers, and engineering polymers.

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RheoLight™ Unique benefits

  • Revolutionize your design and color processes with RheoLight 
  • Create never-before-seen light effects with our crystals glass pigments 
  • Make your products stand out with unique and vibrant colors 
  • Improve traffic safety with our innovative Crystal Glass Mono Concentrates

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